Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: All The Witcher Easter Eggs

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Nothing can hold a good witcher back. Including from the appearance in future games in the form of a cameo. The Witcher series has made CD Projekt Red a world-famous developer. Cyberpunk 2077, their new massive open world RPG, has nothing to do with Geralt, Ciri and all the other characters of the famous dark setting. In addition to a huge number of Easter eggs and references to the triumphant Wild Hunt.

You can wear Witcher clothes, see Ciri on the cover of a magazine, and even find a real easter egg in the form of a joke about smugglers’ hiding places related to the players’ hatred for the annoying and often pointless search for these hiding places. And it’s definitely worth finding all those little references, even if there’s no time-traveling Ciri lurking in the game. At least for now.

Easter egg with smugglers’ caches

To find this easter egg, go to the pier in the northeast part of Pacifica – a very long pier with a quest about a cyberpsycho. Run along the pier until you see a ladder leading to a floating platform on the right.

There will be a corpse with a note on it. She tells with bitterness and sorrow about all the hopelessness of trying to find all the caches of smugglers – the dead man had to find only one. And we will find it too. There is a hint in the note.

It says that you need to find a cache with a question mark under the southern pillar of the bridge between Haywood and Pacifica. You can swim to the bridge, this support will be the closest. You will find three barrels underwater. There is nothing special in them, as in all the caches of smugglers from the third “The Witcher”. On the map they are marked with question marks, on the barrels themselves it is also depicted.

Easter eggs with Roach, Nilfgaard and Wolf School

Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: All The Witcher Easter Eggs

In addition to the Easter eggs with the smuggler’s hiding places, you can find Roach Race slot machines – that’s what Roach is called in the English version of The Witcher. They are literally everywhere in the game. There is also a vulgar reference in the form of an advertisement for something called Milf Guard – suspiciously strongly reminiscent of the name of the country Nilfgaard from the Witcher series.

In the world of The Witcher, there are several schools that train new witchers – monster hunters. And the main character of the game, Geralt, is from the School of the Wolf. For pre-order, you could get a Wolf School jacket, copied from the Witcher armor, but with a stylish cyberpunk aesthetic.

Cameo Ciri on the cover

Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: All The Witcher Easter Eggs

Finally, there is an Easter egg with Ciri in the game. This hidden reference is very easy to miss. She appears on a retro gaming magazine, but only when choosing the path of the Corporat. Before leaving the building, you need to go to your office and check the computer. Sitting at the table, you can open the drawer. If you look closely, you can see a magazine there with Ciri on the cover.

The developers said that the game will not have a cameo from the third Witcher. Of course, this is not a full-fledged NPC, but still something. Wild Hunt has won quite a few Game of the Year awards, so it’s possible that it will be remembered in 2077 as well.

Did you find any other Easter eggs from The Witcher in Night City? We’ll be sure to update this guide when we see them!

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