Cyberpunk 2077 guide: where to find Hideo Kojima and BB

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The creator of the Metal Gear Solid series in Cyberpunk 2077 gained immortality. You can also find his little friend BB, Bridge Baby from Death Stranding. Hideo Kojima is lurking in the first act and is pretty easy to miss. One wrong decision forever deprives you of the opportunity to see a genius. Therefore, if you are a fan of his or just want to meet this legendary developer in the virtual world of Night City, our guide will help you with this.

How to find Hideo Kojima

In Act 1, you will start the Heist mission with your partner Jackie. When you enter the restaurant with him, you will have two options, look around and move on. You need to select the option “Look around”. Otherwise, you will immediately move on and miss this little scene in the restaurant. Go to the far right booth – there you will see a man surrounded by friends. His virtual body has the face of Hideo Kojima.

Listen to his conversation and you’ll know that he’s a Tokyo-based braindance developer who wanted to convey real, pure emotion in his products. Cyberpunk version of Kojima’s words about trying to convey more feelings in the plot of his video games. Considering how much everyone cries in Death Stranding, we can say that he at least partially achieved his goal.

How to find BB

Cyberpunk 2077: Where to find Hideo Kojima and BB

But that’s not the only Kojima-related easter egg in the game. You can also find the BB – Bridge Baby – in all its incredible beauty. A little later in the first act, you can complete a mission related to hijacking a taxi. If you take it, you will find the baby.

In this side mission, there is another easter egg that is literally impossible to miss – a reference to GLaDOS from Portal 2. Yes, Cyberpunk 2077 has enough easter eggs for other video games. We will try to find each of them, so wish us luck.

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