Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: Where to Find Skippy’s Smart Gun

Who doesn’t want a gun to chat with? Skippy is one of the more unique and iconic guns in Cyberpunk 2077 and anyone can find it. This special weapon adapts to your level, so it will be stronger (or weaker) depending on it. You’ll need to stray off the beaten path to find it, but it’s definitely worth it.

Skippy is the AI ​​built into the Smart Pistol, and you can choose how he shoots: you can aim at the legs or just at the head for maximum damage. This is a powerful little gun that can tell you a lot under heavy fire on the streets of Night City. Let it be a pistol, but it shoots no worse than a machine gun.

Where to find Skippy

Travel to Vista del Rey in Heywood and find the side quest in the southwestern part of the sector. There will be a dead end with a corpse. There is a special cult gun named Skippy on the corpse – pick it up to start the quest. Skippy has a hologram and an experimental artificial intelligence that can talk to you, making this weapon one of the most unique in the game. After a short conversation, Skippy will ask you to choose one of two modes:

  • Cold-blooded killer: Always aim for the head.
  • Pacifist: Always aim for the legs.

Skippy loves to chat and always makes comments as you run, shoot or reload. When reloading, they are especially obscene – he always asks for “more” – and as he runs, he whistles a short song.

A small life hack – select the opposite mode to the one you need. If you need a non-lethal weapon, choose the Assassin, and if you need a head-shooting death machine, choose the Pacifist. For the duration of the quest, you will use the selected mode, but after completing it, it will automatically switch to the opposite one without the possibility of changing it. So choose wisely!

And the quest itself is a little secret. Your goal is to neutralize 50 enemies with Skippy, after which the gun will automatically switch to the opposite mode.

Weapon characteristics

  • smart gun
  • 18–22 units damage
  • Smart: homing bullets
  • +13-16 Electric Damage
  • +12% Critical Chance
  • +19.63% Critical Damage
  • +6% Stun Chance
  • 2 Headshot Damage Ratio
  • Adapts to user level

Please note that in order to use the smart aiming function, you will need the appropriate cyberimplant. It can be installed on any reaper. If you go to Vic, such implants will cost you from 9,000 eurodollars.

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