Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: World Map

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What is the size of the map in the open world action game Cyberpunk 2077? How big is Night City and can the player go outside of the city?

Developer CD Projekt RED is known for creating incredibly beautiful, detailed and rich game worlds, and the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception. However, there were a lot of rumors that the game’s map would be smaller compared to The Witcher 3, which led many users to wonder how big Night City was.

If you’re not aware, Night City makes up the majority of the Cyberpunk 2077 map. It’s a futuristic city with diverse architecture that includes various skyscrapers, industrial areas, and much, much more.

In Night City, you can find everything from violent criminal gangs to ordinary people who are quietly trying to make a living, as well as various rich corporations that have established total control over the city.

When it comes to the size of the map in Cyberpunk 2077, the Wasteland is also worth considering, as it is essentially the seventh district of Night City, which is a vast plain located outside the city itself.

Night City is divided into six districts, each with its own theme, features and aesthetics:

  • City center – the very heart of Night City, with tall skyscrapers, clean streets, luxury and corporations. The latter, despite having control over the entire city, are quite greedy and always crave more and more power. This is perhaps the most fortified area of ​​the city.
  • Westbrook – an area in which all the wealthy elite mainly live. In addition, this is where the player will go if he wants to have fun, if, of course, he can afford it.
  • Heywood The skyscrapers to the north and the slums to the south create a stark contrast, which is clear evidence that Night City, despite the glitz and glamour, isn’t exactly heaven on earth. The area is notable for the fact that various gangs hunt their business here – both legal and not quite.
  • watson – used to be considered quite an attractive area, since it had everything: skyscrapers, nightclubs and much more, but the economic downturn led to overpopulation and an increase in crime.
  • Pacifica – was supposed to become something of a resort for wealthy people, but the area was left to no one after the investment dried up. Now, instead of a great place to relax, gangster gangs are operating here.
  • Santo Domingo – industrial area of ​​Night City. It is not as pleasing to the eye, but it is vital for the city, as it provides electricity to it, and also provides jobs to residents.

Determining the exact scale of the map is quite difficult, but it does seem that it looks smaller compared to the third part of The Witcher. Even if this is the case in the end, it is worth remembering that Night City is in many ways different from the land on which Geralt of Rivia rode.

Yes, the Wasteland has flat terrain and open spaces, like Velen in The Witcher, but Night City has a very different vibe. Everything points to the fact that you will spend more time inside the buildings, studying the detailed interiors. In addition, there are more NPCs and side quests in the city, which will send the player to the most remote nooks and crannies that can hardly be noticed immediately.

In Cyberpunk 2077, the developers at CD Projekt Red use physical space in a different way, and Night City should not be compared with previous projects of the studio. In addition, cars have been added to the game, making the size of the map not an issue. Thus, it is logical that the need to use faster means of transportation implies that all six districts of the city are connected by a sufficient number of roads.

It is also worth noting the development of several types of cars, which indicates that driving is an important part of the gameplay.

However, after watching the gameplay videos that have been released and given the ability of a particular developer to create amazing open worlds that you can dive into for hours, we expect that there will be something to do in Night City.

And this, ultimately, is the most important thing. As memorable as the world of The Witcher 3 was, some elements were redundant, which is, in general, quite often a problem with open world games. If that means more high-quality content, then a smaller card is a price worth paying.

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