Cyberpunk game Cyber ​​Rebellion available in 2 countries

The Cyber ​​Rebellion mobile project was launched in Singapore and Malaysia. It can only be played on Android.

Cyber ​​Rebellion is a role-playing game where you control a squad of fighters who must save the world of the future from a virus. Interestingly, the projects take place in 2177. The developers have already added cut scenes, but they are in Chinese. As for the battles, they take place in a turn-based format and auto-mode. In total, about 30 moves are given to complete the level, they end and the enemy is not defeated – you lose.

The developers of Cyber ​​Rebellion can be praised for the special effects – when your squad is engulfed by a fiery wave, you believe in it, although the project is mobile. We are promised hundreds of characters with different unique skills. Moreover, they can still be pumped by inserting implants and prostheses to improve performance.

Cyber ​​Rebellion should also have PvP and co-op modes, according to the description on Google Play. Well, if you want to constantly receive materials and resources for pumping, you need to log in every day.

Cyber ​​Rebellion testing runs from September 22 to October 10. Developers will be giving away premium content every day. After the end of the beta test, your progress will be reset.

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