Dark Memories is a mobile horror game with a tough storyline and bad graphics, pre-registration is open

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Indie developers, who have already made the “horror” Into The Darkness, are working on a new game – Dark Memories. This is another first-person horror game. The graphics look better, but there are complaints. First, the graphics look like “Mom, I’m a programmer.” That’s Unity’s maximum. For comparison, you can see what one young indie developer did with this engine – Adventure Mona. Yes, it’s on PC, but still.

Secondly, the plot in Dark Memories is very tough, although this is another game of the type “find the object / solve the puzzle and move to another room.” In general, we play as a man who is struggling with mental illness. He ends up killing his wife. Here is the plot; in the description on Google Play, the developers inserted a lot of keywords and bold words instead of explaining their project. We will walk through the prison, through fields with sunflowers and an apartment with bottles.

Dark Memories will be released on Android. No release date. There will be ads in the game, age rating – 16+ (gross violence). There is no information about the version for iOS.

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  1. Gabriel Earthdevs Reply

    Haha, my game just launched. Thank you for writing about my work, but at least check my game before complaining about graphics. You will be surprised.

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