Dark Mist – an unusual card roguelike on PC, iOS and Android

A card roguelike called Dark Mist flew to smartphones and PCs. The game is interesting and unusual. Energy is spent on using cards, not mana. Some enemies have a question mark; if these are defeated, then something can happen. At the start, we only have spells in our hand, the units are already on the field and they are all enemy. For killing them, we level up and get new cards or gold. To understand whether a unit is going to attack us, we need to look at the circle with an attack: if it is green, then it will be, and if not, it will not.

Some gamers believe that the previous project of the developers, Dark Cards, is better than the acclaimed Slay the Spire. The community is even doing the official localization, which will eventually appear in Dark Mist. Interestingly, here your health is the cards. If they end, then you die. Now there are three heroes available, the gameplay for them is unique. At the end of the battles we get to the boss.

Dark Mist is already available on PC, iOS and Android. This is a premium project, now there is a big discount on smartphones, so if you like the genre and description, take it without hesitation.

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