Dark Souls 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

The games in the Dark Souls series hide a lot of secrets. Most of the history of the game world can only be learned from fragmentary information from the descriptions of items: weapons, spells, boss souls, the same applies to game mechanics. And despite the fact that Dark Souls 3 is still popular, and the game world has someone to explore, from time to time new secrets are discovered that the game has been hiding from us all this time, waiting for the most curious and attentive adventurers.

It is unlikely that one day it will be possible to unravel absolutely all the secrets of FromSoftware games, especially considering the relatively recent release of the Demon’s Souls remake, which is full of its mysteries. This, however, is no reason to stop looking for them. In the meantime, we will show you the secrets of Dark Souls 3, if not all, then at least the most curious of them.

High Overlord Volnir was a pyromancer

This boss, which has the appearance of a huge skeleton, uses almost no spells during the fight. Instead, he prefers to hit the player with his hands, slash with his Void-corroded sword, or summon skeleton servants to help. Of his attacks, the only thing closest to pyromancy is the fog that he spews from himself. But there are two circumstances from which the connection of Volnir with the magic of fire becomes clear.

Firstly, in exchange for the soul of Volnir, you can get the Black Serpent pyromancy spell, the description of which says that it was he who discovered the pyromancy of the Abyss. Secondly, there is a corpse in the boss arena with the Gravekeeper’s Pyromancy Book, and from its description it follows that before his fall into the Abyss, Volnir really practiced fire control.

Demons die out

Demons spawned by the Chaos Flame had a lot of problems without the Chosen Undead killing them for their souls. After the destruction of the Lodge of Chaos, the appearance of new demons ceased, and those that remained, without the Flame, were doomed to a slow extinction. Upon reaching the Demon Ruins, many of their corpses can be found, especially in the Old Demon King boss arena.

Well, at least the demons left behind a legacy of mighty weapons forged from their burning souls. References to how the demonic race fell are sometimes found in the descriptions of this weapon.

The invisible crow on the roof of the Firelink Shrine has a name.

Despite the fact that this creature can only repeat the same words, and it has no visible physical form, it is considered a separate character. It’s about a crow that lives on top of the Firelink Shrine and trades with the player.

It turns out she has her own name: Snuggly the Crow. Other games in the series also have crow merchants, also with their own names, but you can only recognize them in the credits. This particular one is labeled “Chick” there, but the official game manual states that the Chick’s name is Snuggly’s Crow. The reasons for this discrepancy are not reported.

Gilligan, where have you gone?

Dark Souls 3 has a lot of easter eggs and references to characters from other games. Some of them even have practical applications, although for the most part they are just dark humor. So, next to the fire in the Defiled Capital, you can find the corpse of the merchant Gilligan, who in Dark Souls 2 sold ladders to the player so that he could get to the right places in the game.

As you can see, things have not been going well for him since the last meeting. From his body lying near the fire, you can pick up the Spread Gesture, which mimics the pose of a dead Gilligan – using it, you will lie on the ground with your legs and arms spread out. It’s also funny that for some reason there are a lot of different stairs around him.

God Eater and more

Aldrich the God Eater got his nickname for a reason. But other creatures also fell prey to his appetite. During the fight, Aldrick will sometimes attack with a white scythe, which he summons with his staff. This is the Scythe of the Hunt for Life, a miracle that can be obtained in exchange for his soul after the victory.

An interesting fact is that the same scythe was used by Priscilla Half-Blood from the first Dark Souls, which means that it can be assumed that Aldrick first got to her, and then used the power of Priscilla to defeat Gwyndolin Dark Sun. However, the Scythe is just a miracle, not a real weapon, and this may indicate that it did not come to devouring, and Aldrick simply tried to recreate what he saw in a dream, which is mentioned in the description of the spell.

Manure can defeat bosses

The battle with any boss in Dark Souls is not an easy test, at least as planned by the developers. But there are tricks against scrap too – during the existence of the series, players have found certain weaknesses in the bosses and ways to use them, turning an epic battle into a trivial procedure.

One such way is to poison the boss with throwable items. The most cynical option, perhaps, would be the Dung Pie – a hardly appetizing substance that poisons both the target and the thrower with toxins when it hits. Fortunately, items are available to the player that can neutralize this effect, but some bosses do not have this option. This strategy can be especially effective against the Old Demon King, Father Ariandel, Crystal Master, and Slave Knight Gael. This is really a dirty trick.

How to rob Mimic

To profit from the property of a mimic, often very valuable, is not an easy task. Their speed, attack range and unpredictability make them dangerous opponents that can cause a lot of headaches even for an experienced player. However, there is a way to loot a monster without killing or even engaging in combat with it.

Throwing the Undead Hunter’s Talisman at the mimic will cause it to fall asleep and open the chest. It remains only to approach and pick up the good that you like – the mimic will sleep until you attack him, so there is no need to rush. This is one of the ways to get the Symbol of Greed, a helmet in the shape of a Mimic’s head, which allows you to get more loot and souls.

Judge Gundyr had to kindle the Fire

Judge Gundir is the first boss encountered in the game, and is relatively easy, especially compared to his other form, which is offered to defeat in the later stages of the game. From the descriptions of the items, we can conclude that once Gundir was supposed to kindle the Flame and return light to the world, but he was late and was doomed to wait forever for someone who could do this to test his strength.

Over a long time of waiting, he was exposed to the influence of the Abyss, and it is in this state that the player meets him. Perhaps in an alternate reality, it would be Gundir who would be the main character traveling through Lothric in order to kill the Lords of Ash, who refused to fulfill their destiny.

Connoisseurs of crystal spells – twins

The bosses from the Road of Sacrifices and the Grand Archives both use different spells and wear similar clothes, but are actually related to each other not only by these similarities. Both are former followers of Logan Big Hat from the first game, and apparently even twins, given how similar they look. The description of the Connoisseur’s hat confirms this conjecture.

It is not completely clear how the disciples of the good sorcerer embarked on the path of evil, but it is quite possible that the madness from the abuse of the power of the crystal spheres was to blame. After all, the description of the Adept’s Crystal Staff states that the spheres absorb the will of the wearer, and if you play the Adept’s muttering backwards, you can hear the phrase “Set me free”.

How to open hardcore mode

The Dark Souls series is synonymous with hardcore for many, and for good reason – the game is unforgiving and often downright ruthless. However, there are players for whom even this is not enough, and they want a truly severe test.

Lucky for them, Dark Souls 3 has a great way to turn your life into an even bigger hell – the Ring of Calamity, which reduces damage absorption by 100% when equipped. This means double damage from all sources, and by combining the ring with other items that give a similar effect, you can arrange yourself the most hardcore hardcore, where one attack from the weakest enemy will be enough to go to respawn. However, it is possible that the true purpose of the ring is not in this, and it just serves as a reference to the dragon from the first part.

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