Dark Souls: Remastered – All Illusory Wall Locations

Illusory walls open the way to secret bonfires, hidden NPCs, bonus locations, and additional bosses. Next, we will detail how to find them.

Fans of the Dark Souls series know firsthand how useful it can sometimes be to hit every wall that comes into view. A lot of interesting things can be hidden behind them. The Dark Souls series is one of the few games with really complex secrets. If you have not yet explored every corner of Lordran, then we will tell you how to find all the illusory walls.

Illusory walls are the most common doors, but they can only be opened by a blow. If after the swing of the sword the wall disappeared, then most likely something really useful and interesting awaits you ahead.

Illusory walls usually hide Covenants (which you can join), NPCs, bosses, and secret locations that open the way to other hidden areas. Behind some you can find the best armor in the game. So trust me, you don’t want to miss out on what’s behind them.

Dark Souls: Remastered – All Illusory Wall Locations

Illusory walls are secret doors that instantly disappear when attacked. In locations from additions, instead of physical strength, you must use the Spell of Light (Cast light). This is the only way to make the wall disappear. Usually chests, special characters with unique quests, bonfires, and sometimes entire hidden locations are hidden behind them.

Plague City (Blighttown)

  • In the swamp, at the very bottom of the Plague City, you will find a huge root that leads directly to a giant tree. Hit the wall to the left of the corpse to open a passage to the chest room. But that’s not all. From here you can get to the next secret location.
  • In the room, hit the wall that is right behind the chest. After that, the wall will disappear, and behind it the path to the secret location The Cavity will open (Great Hollow). Through it you can get to another hidden area – Ash Lake (Ash Lake). In this location, you can find additional characters, farm rare resources.

Quelaag’s Domain

  • Travel to the Quileg Realm. Here, find the place of the battle with the Witch of Chaos (if you have not fought with her yet, you will have to kill her). Directly under the bell, find a wall covered with small eggs. Hit it to get to an NPC who can give you a Pyromantic Flame (Pyromancy Flame). Here you can join the Servants of Chaos covenant. If you have a parasite egg infection, then here you can find a cure and be healed. Use this secret if you have contracted a disease.

Darkroot Garden

  • After you open the sealed door with the Glyph of Artorias (Crest of Artorias), an illusory wall will appear to the left of the fire.
  • You can buy the Crest of Artorias from Blacksmith Andre of Astor. For this, you will have to pay 20,000 souls. Therefore, before going to this illusory wall, you will have to prepare well and purchase additional items.

Catacombs (The Catacombs)

  • Go to the Catacombs and find a ladder here that leads to the mechanism responsible for controlling the second bridge. The illusory wall will be right behind the locked statue. Hit it to find the second hidden bonfire.

Sen’s Fortress

  • Go down into the pit guarded by the Titanite Demons (Titanite Demons). Get out of it and find the ledge from which the corpse hangs. Hit the wall next to him to open the path to Big Hat Logan (Big Hat Logan). It can be freed with a Lockpick or a Cage Key (can be found in the fortress).

Anor Londo (Anor Londo)

  • Head to the giant revolving bridge/stairs and drop it down. At the lowest level, you will find the Dark Moon bonfire. Equip the Ring of the Dark Moon (Darkmoon Seance Ring), next to Gwyn’s statue to open a passage to the Gwyndolin Darkmoon boss fight (Darkmoon Gwyndolin).
  • To get the Darkmoon Ring, head to the Whirlwind boss fight (Pinwheel) and break the wall next to the base of the stairs. If you haven’t killed him yet, you’ll have to fight him first. In the opened passage there will be a coffin in which lies the ring. Take it.
  • Another illusory wall can be found in the great castle of Anor Londo. Once you reach the campfire, look into the room that is filled with chests. There will be an uncovered fireplace here, which is actually an illusory wall. Hit it to open a secret passage. It leads to a room with five chests (one of them is a mimic). In the chests you will find Havel’s Armor (Havel’s Armor Set), Dragon Tooth (Dragon Tooth), Shield of Havel (Havel’s Great Shield) and the Occult Club (Occult Club). These items are considered among the most powerful in the game.

Painted World of Ariamis

  • Go down the stairs to the well to get into the underground tunnel. Here you will find 6+ illusory walls. You can recognize them by smooth walls. Behind them you will find the following items – Pyromancy Spell: Fire Jet (Pyromancy: Fire Surge) and the Annex Key (Annex Key). As an additional reward, you will receive souls for the death of enemies who will hide behind illusory walls.

Ruins of New Londo (New Londo Ruins)

  • Once you can break the seal in the ruins, head to Firelink Shrine. The illusory wall will be right between the Fire Temple lift and Ingvard. Hit it to find a secret passage. With it, you can reduce the time of your travels between locations.

Crypt of the Giants (Tomb of the Giants)

  • Once you find Great Celestial Ember (Large Divine Ember), another illusory wall will be right in the passage. You will find her a little later, after Patchwork (Patches) will throw you into a hole. Climb out of it to find Patchwork and an illusory wall that will take you back to the main area. The first bonfire will be hidden right behind it.

Lost Izalith

  • When you are in the area with lava pits, pay attention to the second huge structure in a row. Stand facing towards the main ruins and hit the wall of this building. It will instantly disappear and a hidden bonfire will appear in front of you, which is quite easy to miss in a normal situation.

Oolacile Township, only available in DLC Artorias of the Abyss

  • With the help of the Orb of Darkness (Dark Orb) find a message from the development team on the way from Arcanist Olachil. It will be written on a two-story building, so try not to miss it. Use any Light spell next to the message from the dev team to make the illusory wall disappear.
  • Find a tall multi-story building and go inside. Climb up the stairs, all the way to the end, until you reach a dead end. Cast any light spell on the wall to remove the illusory wall and reveal a secret passage.

Chasm of the Abyss, only available in DLC Artorias of the Abyss

  • At the first fork, turn left and be extremely careful. If you use a light spell, the floor will disappear.
  • Once this happens, go after Alvin’s character. It will go right through the wall. Cast any light spell on her to get into the secret room with chained Sif (chained Sif).

Now you know where to find all the illusory walls and what lies behind them. As a rule, these are treasure chests, non-story bosses, useful characters, bonfires and other bonuses. Sometimes, in order to get to the treasures, you will have to kill additional enemies or use special items that are desirable to purchase in advance.


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