Dark Souls: Remastered – how to farm Titanite chunks and where to find Shimmering Titanite

If you want to improve weapons, then you will need a lot of titanite. In the world of Dark Souls: Remastered, it comes in two forms. We’ll tell you where to find it next.

Titanite Chunks and Shimmering Titanite are some of the rarest and most useful resources in Dark Souls: Remastered. Only with their help can you fully upgrade any weapon. Previously, it was almost impossible to find titanite, but with the release of patches and DLC, the situation has improved significantly.

With a certain probability, titanite drops after killing some enemies. If you have accumulated a lot of souls, you can use them to buy a resource from special NPC merchants. And, of course, there are still places in the game where you can simply find titanite without paying a soul for it. Next, we will detail all the ways that will help you get this rare resource.

Dark Souls: Remastered – how to farm Titanite Chunks and where to find Shimmering Titanite

If you want to upgrade the Boss Soul Weapons, then you will definitely need Shimmering Titanite. In total, for its maximum pumping, you will need 10 ingots.

To upgrade any other weapon (including Crystal and Electric) or normal armor, Titanite Chunks must be used. This legendary resource is the hardest to find in the world of Dark Souls. There are only a few ways to get it, but they can also be used for farming.

Before you start farming Titanite Pieces, try to find the following pieces of equipment for yourself – Glyph of Greed (Symbol of Avarice) or Golden Serpent Ring (Covetous Gold Serpent Ring). Both of them give an increase of 200 to the Hidden Object indicator.

  • Glyph of Greed (Symbol of Avarice) is a unique helmet that drops with a 1% chance when killing a Mimic.
  • Artifact Golden Serpent Ring (Covetous Gold Serpent Ring) is much easier to obtain. To do this, go to Sen’s Fortress (Sen’s Fortress) and turn the mechanism that controls the boulders so that they go down the western road. Move back and wait for the pit to fill with rocks. After that, use the mechanism to control the boulders again and head west. There will be a corpse in the window. Take the ring from him.

Pieces of Titanite

  • The resource always drops after killing a Rogue Demon (Stray Demon). It can be found in Northern Unclean Sanctuary (Northern Undead Asylum). To do this, go up to the upper level of the Firelink Shrine (Firelink Shrine) and go to the bird’s nest to return. After that, go to the place of the battle with the Demon of Refuge (Asylum Demon Arena) to find and defeat the next boss, Rogue Demon.
  • Titanite chunks can be found in the Royal Forest (Royal Woods). The location is only available with DLC. To do this, go to Kalamit (Kalameet’s arena), a chest will be hidden behind the waterfall.
  • Sigmaier (Siegmeyer) gives you a Titanite Piece as a quest reward. The storyline is optional. Differs in high complexity. Therefore, it is recommended to use this method to obtain a resource only as a last resort. Be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort on completing the quest.
  • Very rarely, Titanite Chunks drop after killing a Dark Spirit (Darkwraiths). You can find them in the Ruins of New Londo (New Londo Ruins).

The easiest way to farm Titanite Chunks is by killing Dark Spirits. To do this, take a weapon that can kill him with one blow to the back or any other. For example, something electrical. Additionally, put on the Ring with a golden serpent and upgrade your humanity. So you will significantly increase the chance of dropping rare items.

Go to the bonfire in Dragon Valley (Valley of Drakes) is the fastest way to the lower level of New Londo Ruins. Kill all the Dark Spirits you find here (at least seven of them).

If you want to hunt in this location, then you will have to seriously stock up on Return Bones (homeward bone) and Momentary Curses (Transient Curses). Use the Bone of Return when you have killed all the Dark Spirits, and then return.

Shimmering Titanite

  • The resource can be bought from the Giant Blacksmith (Giant Blacksmith) for 8,000 souls. You can find the NPC in Anor Londo.
  • 100% drop from Crystal Lizards (Crystal Lizard) in the following locations: Undead City (Undead Burg), Catacombs, Hollow (The Great Hollow), Darkroot Garden (Darkroot Garden), Royal Forest, Forgotten Izalith (Lost Izalith), Duke Archives (Duke’s Archives), Crystal Grotto (Crystal Cave), Olachil settlement (Oolacile Township), Gorge of the Abyss (Chasm of the Abyss).
  • Dropped by killing Stone Guards (Stone Guardian) in Olachile. Enemies are only available with the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.
  • Shimmering Titanite can be obtained as a trade reward from Snuggly (Snuggly). To do this, go to the bird’s nest, in the Northern Sanctuary of Evil. Leave Purple Moss Thicket for Snuggly (Purple Moss Clumps) or Red Moss Thickets (Bloodred Moss Clumps) per piece. Or use Purple Moss Bloom (Blooming Purple Moss Clumps), but in the amount of two pieces.
  • Glimmering Titanite has a 30% chance to drop from Cannibal Shell (Man-eater shells). They can be found in Ash Lake (Ash Lake). The resource has a 20% chance to drop in the Crystal Grotto (Crystal Cave).

The easiest way to farm Glimmering Titanite is in Ash Lake. This is a secret location that can be accessed through the base of a huge tree, in the swamp of Plaguetown (blighttown).

To get to the Ash Lake, go to the very bottom of the Plague City and break the illusory wall near the trunk of a huge tree. There will be another wall inside. Hit it to get into the Hollow (Great Hollow). Ash Lake will be at the very bottom of the Hollow.

As in the previous method of farming Titanite Chunks, head to the bonfire next to Ash Lake. Destroy huge shells of enemies, and then use the Bone of Return to make the enemies respawn.

You can also teleport to the bonfire in the Crystal Grotto, which will open immediately after defeating Naked Sith (Seath the Scaleless). After killing the shells in the Crystal Grotto, Shimmering Titanite can also drop.


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