Dark visual novel My Lovely Daughter will be transferred to consoles and iOS

My Lovely Daughter will be released on smartphones, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Series X|S. This project has a very dark plot.

My Lovely Daughter is an indie game from Indonesian developers. The main emphasis is on the plot, only Russian localization was not delivered. Yes, the game is available on PC and Nintendo Switch, but is expected to be released on past and current generation consoles, as well as on iOS; There is no version information for Android. We play as the alchemist Faust, who wants to revive his daughter. To do this, he has to grow monsters and sacrifice them, which is why real ending makes you question the character’s good intentions.

The gameplay in My Lovely Daughter is divided into two stages – in the first we create homunculi (those same monsters), sacrifice them or communicate to raise their affection, otherwise they will run away. The second stage is the dispatch of homunculi to work and communication with local residents in order to open pages in the “book of memory”. The players note an interesting pencildrawing and depressing music.

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