Dawn of Survivors replicates studio Kefir’s design

Dawn of Survivors Survival has arrived on Android in select countries. In terms of gameplay, the project is difficult to distinguish from Kefir games.

Dawn of Survivors is a mobile project for which a trial launch was made in the US and Canada. A version for Android is now available, only in appearance and gameplay it is difficult to distinguish it from Kefir projects. The fact is that the camera is isometric, around a zombie apocalypse, and we have to collect stones with branches in order to create tools from them and build a base. This can be done alone or over the Internet.

Dawn of Survivors developers promise stats like hunger, cold and mutation. We are also told about a temperature change that will affect your hero and NPC. Over time, the character must be pumped, this is done with the help of those points that are earned after reaching certain stages. As a result, you will be able to better fight, collect, produce, and so on.

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The disadvantages include the lack of sound effects, clumsy animation and mediocre graphics. At the same time, you can already buy in Dawn of Survivors for the amount of 7,199 rubles. By the way, this game is also on the Nintendo Switch, it was released back in 2019.

Google play (Canada)

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