Days Gone – 9 skills worth unlocking at the start of the game

How to deal with freaks? It’s worth focusing on abilities that will save our skin in a world dominated by zombies in an efficient (and not only efficient) way!

From the very beginning of Days Gone, the latest game from the developers of Blend Studio, you will learn the basics of survival. To neutralize the protagonist in a trivial way can be everything that he encounters in an unfriendly environment – from zombies (called freaks in the game) to virus-infected wolves. Not to mention the huge grizzly bears, which are no easy task to kill in a one-on-one duel. Fortunately, the hero – Deacon has skills that we will develop during the game. There are three different ability trees to choose from (Melee, Ranged and Survival) which have a total of 45 skills. The guide you are currently reading will allow you to choose the nine most important skills to unlock first.

1. Field repair

This is one of the first skills you can unlock in Days Gone. Field Repair gives the protagonist the ability to repair weapons using scrap found in the game world. At first glance, this skill may not seem very useful – for the many different types of weapons that are at hand. However, this is only a misleading impression, because this ability also allows you to create stronger versions of the main weapon.

2. Swordsman

This skill increases Deacon’s damage if he uses a melee weapon (both created by him and found in the game world). This can be especially helpful when we get in the eye of a zombie and we don’t want to warn its fellows. We recommend developing this passive for anyone who wants to increase their damage even more by unlocking the late Sweeper skills.

3. Retribution

Retribution is one of those skills that, in exchange for destroying an enemy – in this case, defeating him with a melee weapon – restores fitness points. For the player, this means it’s worth considering unlocking this skill if you’re interested in fighting metal pipes, knives, axes, and other baseball bats. It’s worth remembering that this style of play is for the more patient players who like to hide from their enemies in cover – anyone who prefers to shoot should invest in other skills.

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4. Increased pace

The knife is your best friend in a world dominated by bloodthirsty zombies. This is your last chance to protect yourself if you find yourself in a situation without ammo, baseball bats, or something you can throw at the enemy. However, it is worth remembering that this is one of the weakest weapons that the Deacon uses. Thanks to the investment in “acceleration of the pace”, he will be able to perform attacks that deal double damage, making the knife the protagonist’s best friend in adverse conditions.

5. Crowd control

One of the very important skills: “focus”. This is one of the most important elements of the ranged skill tree, because while it does not affect the accuracy of the shot and the combo we perform, it reduces the focus bar regeneration delay time. This makes combat combos a little easier to control.

6. Deadly arrows

If you have invested in the Spike to the Side (shots) skill, then the next step is to unlock the Jackbolt skill. This is especially useful if you have the junk to use the crossbow frequently. Why? Because it increases the damage dealt to enemies. When facing main enemies, you don’t even need to take center shots to the head to make them lethal.

7. Head to health

In the English version of “Head to health” is “Head Rush” – it sounds almost like the perfect name for a rock band, doesn’t it? However, in Gone Days Gone, this is a rather interesting skill that rewards the player with health points for every headshot on the enemy. It may not be an option that enhances immersion, but it does allow for great combinations in strategic elimination of unexpected opponents – especially when using a rifle or crossbow.

8 Hawkeye

If you’ve played Wild Hunt, you probably remember the game mechanics associated with Geralt’s “feelings of struggle”. In Days Gone, the protagonist of the game can use a similar skill that allows you to find useful plants at a short distance from him. This range, however, can be increased with passive DIY. It’s worth asking how early you can unlock this ability, as it makes the game a lot easier.

9. Useful burden

Everyone knows that the technique in games of this type is not bottomless. However, if you ever get the urge to develop the Useful Burden skill, you will increase your inventory inventory not only with traps and rifle weapons, but also with items that can be used to craft various types of weapons. This ability – taken from RPG games – can be appreciated primarily in the attempt to survive in the confrontation with the invasion of huge groups of freaks.


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