DC Dual Force CCG will feature a single-player storyline from the comics

Warner Bros. announced the creation of DC Dual Force. This is a card game where we will be offered a storyline from comics and almost all characters from the DC universe. The approximate release date is now known.

DC Dual Force is a new CCG coming out in Q3 2022. The developers say we will create synergies between heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and more. They will, of course, face the Joker and each other. We don’t have gameplay information yet, but we’re promised a unique gaming experience, including typical deck building.

If you believe official sitewhere you can sign up for future news on the game, the characters in DC Dual Force are divided into leaders, minions, and actions. Among the commanders there will be the same Batman with unique buffs: +2 energy, attack in the current turn and choosing one card from the deck. Minions are good too, some can add two spells to their hand. As for actions, these are all sorts of improvements or debuffs for enemy cards. With the help of weekly challenges, players will be able to receive about 150 cards per year.

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The most interesting thing is that DC Dual Force will have a storyline company that is associated with a huge number of DC comics. Among them is “Batman: The Killing Joke”. It is not yet known which platforms the game will be released on. Since this is an F2P project, we are waiting for the release on smartphones next fall. By the way, the people who created Hearthstone are working on DC Dual Force.

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