Dead 4 Returns (Project Gaia) will be tested, but when?

Dead 4 Returns is gearing up for a beta test, which starts in about two weeks. What to expect from the game?

Dead 4 Returns (aka Project Gaia) – survival in the zombie apocalypse. The game resembles LifeAfter and similar projects. The other day, the developers reported via TapTapthat CBT will start on January 18th. Players from certain countries will be able to participate, nothing is known about platforms yet. You also need to have a flagship to pull Dead 4 Returns, since this is still an early version.

Dead 4 Returns is built on the popular Unreal Engine 4 with realistic guns, storyline and attack planning. There are four heroes to choose from, each with its own pros and cons. From the new locations, we should expect an abandoned hospital and metro station. In addition, the developers are talking about new modes, although there is no specific information.

I am glad that in Dead 4 Returns you can use a sniper rifle and get headshots. There are also gas cylinders scattered across the locations, which can be used to destroy the hordes of the dead. Most of the battles take place in small locations, so players need to constantly move.

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