Dead by Daylight – Updated Map “Coldwind Farm” and a new creepy Doctor model

A short video has been released on the official YouTube channel of the Dead by Daylight game, dedicated to the graphical changes to the Coldwind Farm map and the updated Doctor model.

All the work done is clearly visible on the video, and indeed, the objects received more detail. In general, the map itself became lighter and, judging by the video, this also affected the drawing distance, which may bring minor inconveniences for the survivors.

Dead by Daylight Updated Map Coldwind Farm and a Dead by Daylight - Updated Map "Coldwind Farm" and a new creepy Doctor model

The doctor’s face has become truly creepy – his skin is half removed from his face and now he does not look like just a bar of gray soap. Brrr, it smells like real horror. Of course, while running from a maniac, you are unlikely to consider his new “make-up”, however, once in the hands of a doctor, you will experience real horror. The release date of this revision is May 4, 2021.

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