Deep Rock Galactic Halloween Event Rewards Scare Even The Creators

Like many other game studios, the developers from Ghost Ship Games will launch a limited-time event in honor of the upcoming Halloween for the co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic. This event starts on October 18 and will last until the start of Season 3 on November 3. During the event, players will be able to get two creepy masks that frighten the authors themselves, and decorations for the spaceship.

“The scary rubber mask is so horrendous that management had to consult the company’s health insurance to make sure that fright-induced cardiac arrest was covered. The lifeless glowing eyes and twisted grin are enough to make anyone jump in fear. This is the creepiest, bloodcurdling cosmetic item ever created for Deep Rock Galactic and should be worn with teammates in mind.

As with other Deep Rock Galactic limited-time events, adventurers will have to complete special tasks in order to receive exclusive rewards.

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