Delivering a Warm Rocket Strike to Zombies in Drones 4: Zombie Strike

Drones 4: Zombie Strike hit Google Play in Early Access. We will destroy zombies from a drone using a machine gun and various missiles. You can download it directly from Google Play.

Drones 4: Zombie Strike is a zombie action game where we have to deal with the threat of the walking dead. This is done using drones with machine guns and various missiles installed on them. The gameplay is divided into missions, during which we complete tasks. They often boil down to “kill 7 zombies” or “protect the survivor”. In total, 20 types of tasks are promised.

Despite the fact that the project is indie, and the graphics are low poly, the animations of the dead are realistic. Plus, we can be given a large map, where you need to independently find zombies and monitor the overheating of weapons. Nevertheless, energy has been added to the game, and the interface is at the level of the previous generation of Google Play.

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