Demo version of Finding Paradise appeared on Android

Publisher XD Entertainment decided to bring Finding Paradise to smartphones. This is a sweet and sometimes sad adventure about a boy who launches paper airplanes into the air.

Finding Paradise is set to release on iOS and Android. We can now confirm that a version for the latest platform has been made available to some of the testers, and thanks to them, to all of you. While this is a demo version, which is probably limited in time. It is also not clear when to expect a full release.

Basically Finding Paradise is the second episode of To the Moon, only with a different character named Colin. Two familiar doctors from the previous part will help him relive his best moments of childhood and restore peace in his soul. Just know that the Freebird Games studio games are visual novels, moreover, using pixel art and heavy emphasis on English dialogues. Well, a nice bonus – you do not need to go through all the parts to understand the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bFinding Paradise, bursting into tears at the end.

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