Demon Arawn devours the souls of defeated enemies in Ethereal: Clash of Souls

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Undying Games continues to talk about the myths (characters) from the upcoming MOBA Ethereal: Clash of Souls. In the new gameplay trailer, you can see the skills of a demon named Arawn, who is able to devour the souls of defeated enemies. It belongs to the Disruptor archetype, and its additional archetype is Gladiator.

Arawn has the following abilities:

  • Infernal Aura (passively) – Arawn gains souls when killing enemies, which permanently increase maximum health. In addition, he deals permanent magic damage to all enemies around him, reducing the current number of Soul Charges.
  • Torment (Special) – Arawn loses passive damage from Infernal Aura, replacing it with Torment. The ability lasts for a while and scares away any enemies that come up. Fear can only affect each enemy once per use. Infernal Aura damage returns again a few seconds after Torment ends.
  • Burning fists – Passively deals periodic magic damage to all attacked enemies. Upon activation, Arawn’s fists surround hellfire, then he delivers two powerful blows in an area in front of him. Each hit inflicts a Blazed effect, increasing the magic damage taken from the hit.
  • Impending doom – Arawn dives forward, increasing movement speed with reduced turn rate. Upon encountering an enemy myth, he will inflict magical damage, grab him with his infernal hand, and hold him briefly in the air. If Arawn grabs an enemy who is under the influence of Blazed, he gains resistance for a while. The enemy can be thrown in any direction, dealing magic damage. If the myth hits a wall when thrown, it will be stunned. The enemy gets Blazed.
  • Hell’s Inferno – Arawn throws a fireball forward, which ignites the surface. Enemies in the area of ​​effect are slowed down and take magic damage. All targets hit get Blazed. If they are already Blazed, they receive a percentage reduction in magic resistance.
  • Imminent apocalypse (ulta) – Arawn goes into a rage, increasing in size and increasing the range of the passive aura. His health is increased based on his current Soul Charges. In addition, his passive aura deals additional damage and slows those around him. Basic attacks also apply Blazed for the duration of the ultimate.

Ethereal: Clash of Souls is a third-person MOBA inspired by Epic Games’ private game Paragon. The release date is still unknown.

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