Demon God: This RPG MMO is unlikely to be addictive

MMORPG Demon God is out on smartphones. It has four classes, oriental graphics and vertical gameplay. Is it worth downloading? Let’s see.

The game Demon God appeared on mobile phones. In it, you are immediately greeted by four classes without much customization. Fights take place in auto mode, and the gameplay is vertical, so it’s difficult to control. The hero has a VIP status, which gives certain buffs, and equipment can be put on with a single button.

The creators of Demon God say that the game has dungeons in which you can fight side by side with other gamers. Also, judging by the video with the gameplay, it is possible to build your own mansion. Pumping is simple – you just need to pump in skills that open after clearing certain missions.

As for the graphics, it looks like Asian MMOs, while there are better representatives. In addition to the hero, you need to pump a certain floating board, which acts as a transport. And, of course, the developers have added idle elements, for example, you will receive a fixed number of resources (there are hundreds of thousands of them) every hour.

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