Demon Hunter is available in the Russian version of the MMORPG Lost Ark

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MY.GAMES has released an update for the Russian version of the MMORPG Lost Ark, removing the gender lock from the Demon Hunter. A class called Demon Hunter has become available in the game, which belongs to the archetype of the shooter.

We talked about this class in more detail in a separate article, but in short, this is the same hunter with minor differences. So, the female version has the same three types of weapons, and most of the abilities are similar. However, the Huntress has new skills and some old ones have been changed.

The update has added a new Igharam Ridge mode to the game, which is available to players with a gear rating above 1325 who have completed the Papuanica storyline. In it, it is necessary to help the Sheakrian priests to destroy the demons and curb the Fetranian darkness. Level 50 characters with a gear rating of 1445 will also be able to fight Voldan in Mythic difficulty to receive a new achievement and valuable reward as a reward. Also, the developers added a system for creating and painting images, new Akrasia Express missions, an improved interface and much more.

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