Demon Skin First Look: A Promising Indie Slasher From Buka Entertainment

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We got our hands on a demo version of the promising indie game Demon Skin, which tells the story of a mysterious hunter for the creatures of darkness from the company Ludus future. At the moment, the design of interfaces, fonts and drawn comics look rather poor, the script at first glance seems primitive and yet … As soon as it comes to gameplay and visual design of the game, these nuances fade into the background and I want to support the developers in their endeavors.

The gameplay begins with training, which partially closes from us at the start all the capabilities of the hero, but this allows us to immerse ourselves in working with the environment. The developers, in the absence of a budget, place in the background atmospheric and stylistically identical to the game objects models of fighting titans, ancient Ents from the forest come to the aid of the hero, and many other visual and scenario solutions please the eye and even surprise with their resourcefulness.

Even the placement of design elements in the foreground, which sometimes interfere with a full view of the battlefield, does not distract, but how playfully the team transfers us from a combat slasher to an arcade mini-game while immersing us even more in the atmosphere, I want to believe that this team will do well and we will see more projects and budgets from Ludus future in the future.

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