Demon’s Souls Guide – How to Farm Souls

Demon’s Souls is the very first of From Software’s brutally challenging action-RPGs. It came out before Dark Souls, before Bloodborne and Sekiro – and in it, like in these games, you need to collect souls to level up or buy items. If you die, you lose your capital and must return to the dungeons to return it – and you only have one attempt. And if you’re having a hard time and need to level up a level or two to increase your carry weight, then targeted soul gathering isn’t a bad idea.

In the new remake, the best ways to collect souls have retained their relevance. Using these simple methods, you can earn 20,000 souls in a single quick run, or make multiple runs early in the game for a quick 4,000 soul per kill. If you use the right places, you will no longer need souls. Getting them will be a trivial task.

Souls are the currency needed to gain levels, upgrade weapons, and buy equipment from vendors. At the very beginning of the game, they are quite hard to find, but there are a number of places where they can be farmed endlessly.

Collecting souls for beginners

The best place to collect souls at the beginning of the game is the Shrine of Storms. Get a blunt weapon like Mace or find Falchion. It is located after the first skeletons, you need to go through the room and go to the balcony, guarded by a strong Black Skeleton. You don’t need to fight him – just grab Falchion. Even if you die, you will still have it.

To start collecting souls, you need to get to 4-2 by defeating the Judge. If you have a bow, this boss is easy – just shoot from the upper tiers at the glowing bird on his head, standing near the stairs or foggy door.

In 4-2 you will also need arrows. Immediately after the obelisk, you will encounter the Rippers. Shoot them to kill them – one Ripper drops 4000 souls. The ghosts he summons also disappear when he dies, which is why there are so many souls. To collect more souls, kill yourself and repeat the process.

Collecting souls in the late stages of the game

Demons Souls Guide - How to Get More Souls

The best place to collect souls is the boss arena 4-3 (Obelisk of the Old Hero). You will need to go through the Shrine of Storms and get the Stormbinder sword – but this is the best place to collect souls, and returning here can earn as many souls as you need.

With the Stormlord, you can easily deal with flying enemies in the sky and collect more than 20,000 souls in a run. The only problem is that it takes some time. The Soul Shrine is a fairly difficult area for beginners, but it’s definitely worth clearing out in the first place, if only because you can get a lot of souls here.

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