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Demon’s Souls Guide – The Strongest Class

The Demon’s Souls remake is still a very difficult game. The fact is that it practically does not help the player in any way, which is why most users themselves have to experiment with many different tactics and strategies in order to fight on equal terms with various threats that await at every turn of the game world.

That is why some gamers want to make the game a little easier. The original Demon’s Souls is not very balanced compared to other Souls games, which means it has some powerful strategies that can be used to defeat the toughest bosses. In addition, there is one class that provides the most useful equipment.

Old-timers probably know about this, but those who are going to play the remake on the brand new PS5 will definitely want to choose this particular class in order to make the passage as easy as possible.

The lightest class

For beginners, the most obvious choice is the Knight or Soldier classes. Yes, they are simple, but reliable, and almost every player will cope with the passage of the Knight. It’s a smart choice, but not the easiest.

If you want to have no problems at all in the starting segment of the game, then the Nobleman class is the strongest, since it provides a lot of advantages. It is based on magic, which in this game can be incredibly powerful.

Why is the Noble the strongest class?

To begin with, it is worth noting that the initial equipment includes Soul Arrow – A very useful spell that can deal high damage to armored enemies. In addition, the class is equipped fragrance ringwhich restores 1 mana over 4 seconds.

silver wand and armor also increase the player’s overall magic points (mana). In addition, it is possible to change the cast of spells for knightly armor.

We advise you to start by increasing the characteristics Of magic And Intelligence: The former increases damage and the latter increases the number of spells you can learn, so you should focus on Magic first.

In order to become even stronger, it is worth purchasing in advance Keris. The straight sword is in location 2-1 (Steel Spider Obelisk). In order to find a weapon, you need to turn left to the ramp before going down the elevator (to the final boss), go to the end, where the corpse will lie, in which you will find the sword. Cerys’ main advantage is that it increases magic damage, so use it as a off-hand weapon and cast spells with your wand.

As you progress through the game, more spells and weapons can be found. You can even use magical weapons that can deal extra damage. Here is a short list of useful items and weapons to find:

  • Uchigatana: a magic katana that can be found in 4-1 (Sanctuary of Storms). Found in one of the corpses behind the Vanguard. It also drops from black skeletons.
  • Ring of Magical Accuracy: this versatile utility ring increases the damage of magic spells. Find him at 3-1 [Башня Латрии] on the fourth floor of the prison, in a room with four iron girls that you can open.
  • Soul Beam: Upgraded version of Soul Arrow (flies faster and deals more damage). Can be obtained by exchanging for the Soul of the Doll, which is given as a reward for defeating the boss in location 3-1 (Latria Tower). Give it to the sage Freka, who can be released from the cage in location 3-1 using a special key.
  • Homing Soul Arrow: A powerful spell made from the demonic soul of the Old Monk, the final boss of location 3-3 (Obelisk of the Ogre). Sell ​​the boss’s soul to Sage Freka after you free him from his cell.
  • Wand of Madness: Alternatively, instead of casting Homing Soul Arrow, you can forge a powerful Madness Wand with a Wooden or Silver Wand. It is the most powerful wand in the game, and increases the damage of magical attacks, but reduces the maximum amount of mana by 50%.
  • Second chance: a resurrection spell created from the demon “Old Hero”, the second boss of location 4-2 (Obelisk of the Judge). This is a miracle that instantly revives the player when they die, restoring 50% of their health. In addition, the spell can be used again after being revived. To get it, you need to sell the Soul of the Hero to Saint Urbain.
  • God’s Wrath: a miracle that creates a large sphere around the player, dealing great damage to enemies. Created from the soul of the demon God of Dragons – the last boss of location 2-3 (Obelisk of the Fire Spy). One of the most powerful spells in the game, capable of damaging enemies through walls.
    • Use with Ring of Righteous Prayer to increase your damage when casting a spell.

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