Demonstration of the gameplay of the PC version of Tower of Fantasy

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We have previously published a selection of gameplay for the mobile version of Action RPG Tower of Fantasy. Now we invite you to take a look at how the game will look on the PC. A twenty-minute video has appeared on the Steparu YouTube channel, demonstrating the gameplay from the very prologue.

This video will allow you to evaluate the graphics on a PC, take a look at the interface and imagine what the control will be using the keyboard and mouse. It is worth noting that the gameplay was recorded from the Chinese closed beta, so the final version may differ.

In the description for the video, Steparu spoke positively about the project:

“The combat system feels pretty smooth and the graphics are almost Genshin Impact. The game uses a system to quickly switch between several types of weapons. I still like the game, ”wrote youtuber.

The release date for Tower of Fantasy is still unknown.

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