Destiny 2 Guardian Games Started

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In the first-person shooter, Destiny 2 kicked off the Game of the Guardians event, during which players will have to complete Challenger Card Missions and complete Triumphs. As a reward, you can get an exotic Heir machine gun with a catalyst, an exotic Sparrow, legendary class items, two emblems, and a couple of shaders.

In addition, a new set of Game of the Guardians universal ornaments with glowing class items, a new decoration for the Heir, exotic gestures from the world of sports and much more are available in the Eververse store.

At the end of each week, the leading class will be selected, and depending on the position of the Guardians in the ranking, they will be enveloped in a golden, silver or bronze aura. The event will culminate in a grand class awards ceremony that runs from May 7-11.

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