Details of new adventures in the Power of Esdo update for Lost Ark

Already on April 20, the Russian version of the MMORPG Lost Ark will receive a patch with new weapons, raids, equipment and adventures. Publisher My.Games decided to go into more detail about the latest first, which includes a new keeper and more.

The duel with the new Guardian Hanumatan will consist of four phases, each of which will have unique mechanics. The first victory will bring the Chest of the Victor of Hanuman, from which a bracelet, the Agel rune of legendary quality, the great Fetranit of Chaos, jewelry of the new quality Ancient, engraving sketches and materials for tempering can drop. As usual, a fresh boss also comes with new achievements and a title.

Two new Halls of Chaos will become available for the South Bern mainland: Pit of Despair I (available from item level 1540) and Pit of Despair II (available from item level 1560). The most valuable rewards from there can be Ancient-quality jewelry.

Tower of Doom – A new mode for the tower will test your strength and get interesting rewards. The game variant will be available to seekers who have completed the Papuanica mainland story quest “The Long-Awaited Festival” and have reached equipment level 1490 and above.

Finally, Challenge Paths will appear in the game – a Mythic mode for players with level 1540 equipment. Basically, canvases and gems “fall” from there, and tickets there are earned in the Halls of Chaos – the Pool of Despair.

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