Details of the new continent Roven in the MMORPG Lost Ark

20378 Details of the new continent Roven in the MMORPG Lost Ark

A week before the release of the next major update for the Russian version of MMORPG Lost Ark, publishers revealed the details of a new continent called Roven. Below we have collected all the information for you in a concise form.

Roven is a little explored region with vast plains, dense forests and protected valleys. A deposit of Silmael crystals was discovered here, which put an end to the quiet and peaceful life of the Tayers, who had inhabited this continent for centuries.

The continent needs the help of the players, because a serious conflict has brewed between the indigenous inhabitants of the continent and those who sailed to conquer new lands. In addition, priests from the Order of Sheakria arrived here.

Raven is available to players with gear level 1445 and above. You need to find Paladin Osphio in the Wandering River Delta to start a new story quest.

Rowena Key Characters:

  • Byarsi – Hevir of the Tayer tribe. Ruthless to all who pose a threat to her people. Prove the sincerity of your intentions – and she will become your true friend.
  • Heindar – Mun Thayer. One of the few who survived after the attack of “strangers” on his native village. He believes that the time of the Thayers will still come, and under no circumstances will he back down from his duty.
  • Osphio is a Paladin from Sheakria. Sincerely dedicated to his work.
  • Bernard – Commander of the Iron Crows. Adheres to strict rules and honors discipline.
  • Vasquez is the Captain of the Purple Stripes. Appreciates freedom and considers a good battle the main fun in Rowena.
  • Wilhelm is the Archbishop in charge of the Sheakrian mission in Rowena. He opposes the escalation of the conflict and hopes to end the bloodshed peacefully.

Reputation can be upgraded with the following characters:

  • Professor Silos – A renowned scientist specializing in ancient civilizations.
  • Genard – Head of the Rovno branch of the Desperate Dozen.
  • Anna Craig is the head of a research laboratory owned by the Iris Corporation.
  • Fiona is the leader of the Circle of Summoners.


  • Wandering River Delta – In this place is the neutral city of Edelgath, within which any military operations are prohibited. In addition, the Isgar mines are located here, where Silmael crystals are mined.
  • Land of the Wolf – Territory where the Thayers settled. Here you can find settlements of the local people hidden from strangers.
  • Great Plains – The entire territory consists of continuous plains. There are constant battles between representatives of two factions – Freigel and Libertan.

Orders of the Efon Union:

  • Hidden Wolves – Complete 21 times to receive decks with random Rowena cards of Uncommon or higher quality. Unlocked after completing “The End of the Rovno Delegation” quest.
  • “We wash together!” – After completing 14 times, you will receive decks with random Rare or Epic quality Rowena cards. Unlocked after completing the “Let’s do some laundry” quest.
  • Silmael Research – Complete 14 times to get a lot of Rovno Silmael Crystals. Unlocked after completing the quest “Fork in the Road”.

Atlas Seeker Rewards:

  • 10% – Warrior Supply Chest x10
  • 20% – Card “Archbishop Wilhelm”
  • 30% – Emote: Tea Party
  • 40% – Rivne Crystals of Silmael (4500 pcs.)
  • 50% -Mun Heindar Card
  • 60% – Canvas “Apotheosis of the conflict”
  • 70% -Powerful Elixir “Blessing of Rufeon”
  • 80% – Gift “Tirok Fruits”
  • 90% -Object: Thayer Origin Tree
  • 100% -Mark of the Seeker (Raven)

The Roven Update will be released on May 25, 2022.

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