details of the New World in-game store

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After the recent scandal with the possible appearance of Pay-to-Win elements in MMORPG New World, the developers promised to tell more about the in-game store. They kept their promise and published an article that says what can be bought in the release version and some time after the launch.

The store has been added to the current alpha version for testing purposes. All sold items in it are cosmetic and do not affect the gameplay. As the game develops, the team can add new categories of goods, depending on the wishes of the players. At the moment, the assortment is very limited and includes only one skin, one emote and three colors for clothes.

When creating a store, the developers set themselves three goals. The first is expanding customization options. The release version will feature new paints, clothing and weapon skins, as well as themed decorative furniture and additional pets. These items will not provide any benefits or stat enhancements.

As stated in the article, you can get a lot of different cosmetic items that are at the same level of aesthetic quality as goods from the store. As an example, an image with some of them was shown.

At launch, the store will be divided into the following categories:

  • Themed skins for clothes and weapons: themed skins that can be applied to existing clothing or weapons to change their visual style.
  • Home decor and pets: decorative home furnishings and fun pets for your home.
  • Emotions: new ways to express yourself through dancing, gestures and other unique animations.
  • Paint sets: While many vibrant colors are obtainable through the game, additional colors will be available in the store.
  • Brand names: New designs will be available in the store to personalize your company logo.

New types of goods will appear in the store no earlier than 2022.

The second goal of the developers is to ensure a level playing field for everyone. The content of the in-game store will not give players an advantage in PvE or PvP. No items will give players an instant boost in overall equipment rating, experience points, or influence over territory control. None of the items will affect the game mechanics. The team is convinced that players shouldn’t have to worry about spending extra money after a purchase.

Finally, the third goal of the developers is to allow newcomers to catch up with veterans faster in the future. Some time after launch, Amazon will be considering ideas for items that affect mechanics, such as the recreational experience. They can be obtained both in-game and bought in the store. This will allow laggard players to catch up at their own pace and fight alongside their friends in endgame content without imbalance.

The creators believe that the more players can experience high-level content and participate in endgame modes, the healthier the game will be. Exactly when these boosters will appear will depend on player feedback and how newcomers will advance in the game after launch.

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