Detonation Racing is out in Apple Arcade, can you make it to the finish line?

If you like crazy racing, then you should pay attention to Detonation Racing. This is an arcade theme with futuristic cars, factories and unfinished buildings. To catch up with your opponent, you can enter the air pocket and speed up due to this. The sound of the engine is completely different from the real one, and the drift hurts your ears. Graphics at the level of mobile phones and not the most top projects.

As you progress through missions, during which you can get a maximum of three stars, we open up new levels and cars. Sometimes on the track, you can see how an opponent driving in front flies away from the explosion, plus sometimes a sea container can be thrown on you and the bots. Risky drivers may try to cut, but the risk of crashing is even higher. The developers are talking about the presence of multiplayer, both local and over the Internet. There are only six tracks, nine cars, they can be repainted.

Detonation Racing is already available on iOS through Apple Arcade. There is no version information on Android even on official website.

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