Development of shooter ’83 suspended indefinitely

The developers of the multiplayer first-person shooter with the unusual name ’83 decided to put the game on the back burner. The team is not currently working on the project, so you should not expect any news about it in the near future.

The reason why ’83 was put on hold is because AntiMatter Games decided to focus on the IGI: Origins shooter we talked about earlier. The game changed the engine to Unreal Engine 5 and is clearly now a priority.

In ’83, players will take part in large-scale team battles designed for more than 80 people. Among the distinguishing features, the developers highlight the so-called Persistent Warfare system, which takes into account every action performed by soldiers, including killing or capturing an object, which affects subsequent matches and the global balance of power in general. They promise realistic ballistics, the presence of lumbago and a plausible return.

'83 - Announcement Trailer

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