Devil May Cry 5 – Best Skills to Start with: Nero, V, Dante

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Discover abilities that will make it easier for each character to start their adventures.

  • Along with the transition to the story campaign, you will be given access to new characters and abilities. First three:
  • Nero – immediately in the prologue.
  • V – we will lead him in mission 4.
  • Dante – Available for the first time only in mission 10.

Each of them has unique abilities and equipment that you can develop in the Nico shop. It is worth noting here that the pool of collected spheres is common to all characters. However, individual abilities or equipment must be developed separately for each character.

The authors have prepared a huge number of different attacks and improvements, and most of them can be tested in the Abyss mode. The following are the ones that can be useful to start with both in terms of intelligence and in terms of getting secrets and fighting. Of course, it’s best to develop them according to your own play style.


During the fight, Nero mainly uses two main weapons: a sword and a revolver. Thanks to this, he is able to effectively fight both at close range and keep enemies at a distance. A third weapon with great versatility is the demon tamers, which replace the hero’s lost arm.

  • Speed ​​(ability) – allows you to disperse the hero, which makes it easier, among other things, to get into places that are difficult to hit.
  • Spike (ability) – allows you to make a higher jump in order to reach hidden places.
  • Transformation Heart (Ability) – During demonic transformation, energy disappears more slowly.
  • Exchange (Blue Rose) – allows you to increase the power of a shot from a revolver. Invest only if you use this weapon during combat.
  • Passa (Red Queen) is a very useful attack that allows you to quickly get close to the enemy and deliver a strong blow.
  • Tamer plus (Demon Tamer) – increases the amount of transferred tamper. Worth investing if you use this weapon frequently during combat.

In and

This is an unusual hero who avoids direct confrontation due to physical conditions. During the course of the battle, he relies primarily on the demons he summons, in other words, the flying Vulture and the Shad panther. It should be remembered that allies weaken opponents, but the last hit should always be made by V. Later, there will also be an opportunity to summon a demon with great power called Nightmare.

  • Heart of Transformation (Ability) – Due to this skill, when using Nightmare, the demonic transformation point will wear out more slowly, so that the powerful tamer will stay on the battlefield longer.
  • Boost (Abilities) – Allows you to summon Nightmare and use special attacks.
  • Lock (Fretboard) is a good evolution of the flying demon that allows you to shoot lightning and kill enemies at once.
  • Circular (Gryf) – an electric attack zone that is worth using during a duel with many opponents.
  • Flank Attack (Vulture) – A useful attack that knocks opponents into the air, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.
  • Shadow B Combo (Shadow) – A useful attack that knocks back and hurts many nearby enemies.
  • Hedgehog (Shadow) – Spikes appear that deal damage to nearby enemies.


In Dante’s case, things are a bit more complicated due to the many styles and weapons he used. In this case, the player must decide what type of equipment he is best at fighting with. Below we present our fairly versatile suggestion that works well at the start of an adventure.

  • Speed/Jump (Ability) – Useful skills that allow you to better explore the places you visit.
  • Heart of Transformation (Ability) – Master this ability if you are going to use Demonic Transformation frequently because it allows you to extend its duration.
  • Sting (all swords) – A very effective attack that you can use with the various swords Dante wields.
  • Flying Dragon (Balrog) – The ability to inflict a strong blow that throws the enemy up.


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