Devil May Cry 5 Nero’s Crossing: Crossings, Malfas Boss

After defeating three bosses: Angelo’s Cavalier, Artemis and Goliath in the “V’s Crossroads” mission, we will play as Nero. Before you hit the road, you can use Nico’s van to buy upgrades or equipment.

When you’re ready, move forward. After a few steps you will come across two paths. If you are the first, then you will meet spikes on the way, protruding from the ground and walls. You can make this task easier by using Ragitme, which will slow down the traps.

The second option is to use the path at the bottom right. In this case, you will have to use Gerbera to get to the next platforms.

Crossroad and statue

Regardless of the path you choose, you will eventually reach a statue where you can buy upgrades. Before you go further, you should follow the path behind the statue.

If you take advantage of the flight, you can not only collect a lot of red orbs, but also reach the blue orb, as well as the passage to the secret mission 11.

Return to the statue and continue your way to further locations, eliminating large groups of enemies. At some point, you will again be able to choose one of the two paths. After the fights in one of the arenas, you will also be able to use the dark hold. Use it to destroy enemies.


After defeating them, you can go to the next location, jump to the dais on the left and get to the next blue orb. Move and fight other enemies until you reach the end of the mission.

Boss – Malphas

Finally, Nero will reach the cave with the last opponent, Malphas.

This is a rather difficult enemy, which becomes more and more aggressive and dangerous over time. Below are tips that can help you in the battle.


  • In the first step, avoid the main spikes rising from the ground. Try to move and dodge.
  • If you are away from the boss, shoot him with a pistol and attack with the demon sword and demon tamers.
  • Sometimes Malphas will teleport – be on the lookout and focus on dodges.
  • If you are close to the boss, watch out for his jumps and air attacks. Never stand under it.


  • When you have an opponent about half a life, the monster will get tired and fall to the ground for a moment. Use this moment.
  • When the monster stands up, its attacks will be faster and more aggressive. Try to avoid them.
  • At some point, the opponent will begin to restore health. Walk up to him and attack without letting him do it.
  • From now on, Malphas will attack quickly and sometimes teleport. Stay on the move and attack when the opportunity arises.

After defeating the opponent, the mission will end.


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