Devil May Cry Mobile pre-installation for Android has started, players get ready

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Devil May Cry Mobile is approaching a release date, so Capcom decided to launch an early install. This will help you start the game immediately after its release. We talked about the project in detail here. In short, this is a slasher with responsive controls and graphics with realistic lighting (by the standards of smartphones). You can play as three characters – Dante, Lady and Virgil.

A permanent internet connection is required to play. The servers are probably in Asia, so there will be lags. There will be no English and even more so Russian localization at the start, only simplified Chinese. The developers say they have added classic characters, scenes, weapons and bosses. At the same time, the plot is new.

Devil May Cry Mobile can be pre-installed on Android via TapTap… On iOS, you can pre-register there. Some commentators point out that a Chinese phone number will be needed to launch. The release will take place on June 11 in China. It will be a shareware project with all that it implies.

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