Devolver Digital is set to release one or two mobile games in late 2021

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Not so long ago, the cool publisher Devolver Digital revealed that he was going to release “one or two mobile games.” It happened in Twitter and people have already started speculating about titles. We know for sure that these are shareware projects. This is an interesting turn of events because Devolver released premium games on iOS. These are the awesome GRIS, the Reigns card series, The Talos Principle puzzle, and the Hatoful Boyfriend visual novel. Well, let’s not forget about Apple Arcade.

We also know the games are going to be weird. Popular streamer, Greg Miller, called Devolver “liars.” They argued that the guys would have to release a sequel to Ape Out if they didn’t keep their word.

Devolver also reported that during twitchgaming they may report a “dramatic shift in future reference.” It all starts on June 10th; in addition to the indie announcements, we should expect the participation of the Xbox and one studio, which Microsoft recently bought. More about this in other news.

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