Diablo Immortal: Looking at the Armor of the Barbarian

Foreign sources published various sets for the barbarian from Diablo Immortal. They look great.

While Blizzard is conducting beta tests for Diablo Immortal, the dataminers are working hard. This time, they shared a set of armor for the barbarian, and in high definition. As for the sets themselves, their presented on display to the public about 10 months ago, only then they were raw.

Armor for the barbarian is for both male and female. In most cases, the demonic style predominates with huge horns both on the helmet and on the shoulders. That being said, there are simpler sets that players are likely to get as they progress through the main story. Judging by the color of the armor on the barbarian from Diablo Immortal, then this element will depend on the stats or biome where the set can be knocked out.

Diablo Immortal Barbarian Features

This is a melee fighter who not only injects a lot of damage into one target, but also shows himself with dignity in AoE, plus is able to quickly approach enemies such as a mage or a hunter. Read more about classes, plot and game modes in one of the previous guides.

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