Diablo Immortal will receive a major update at the end of September

Blizzard is preparing a major patch for Diablo Immortal. It will include a new dungeon and in-game events.

Diablo Immortal – MMO for smartphones and PC. Other publications talked about the upcoming update for this game; it will be called “Forgotten Nightmares” with the number 1.6. This will be the first major patch for Diablo Immortal with a new dungeon – “Silent Monastery» (Silent Monastery). Thanks to him, veterans and newcomers will be able to relive the moments of the Zakarum Crusades, as well as complete the quest chain.

I wonder what the new dungeon in Diablo Immortal will bring with it new mechanics of “Light and Darkness”. In fact, the light will slowly go out in the dungeon, and in order to fight back the undead and demons, you will have to set fire to the statues. And the battle with the final boss will be divided into several stages with a change in the arena.

Yet Blizzard will add a new set equipment in Diablo Immortal. At the moment, there are only 8 sets in the game, which gamers have widely used; this allowed them to take a specific role in the squad. Well, the new set is called “Gloomguide’s Prize” and the focus is on your dashing skills. Well latest innovation – 16 rooms, which can be played in a squad of 2 to 8 guildmates. This will allow you to get buffs that will further strengthen your clan.

Patch 1.6 for Diablo Immortal will be released on September 28th.

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