At the BlizzConline opening ceremony, we showed something from Diablo IV, which is the rogue class (female). This class has not only blades but also a bow. That is, he combines ranged and melee attacks. Before that, the following classes were known to us: barbarian, druid and mage. In the trailer below and the cinematics, we again saw the dark and gloomy lands where players have to fight demons. It’s worth noting that Diablo IV won’t be out this year.

Some reporters have played the 20-minute version of this slasher. It has an interesting feature that has previously been seen in projects like Dark Souls: we’ve seen other players to join or challenge in PvP. In Diablo IV, there will be something like this. Abilities cannot be used in cities, and in the dungeons, we will only see those with whom we have created a group.

If you remember, in the first Diablo, the rogue was only a distant character. Alternatively, there will be blades, traps, and even dark magic. This is a very mobile class with abilities such as “Charge”, which allows you to change position and inflict small damage dynamically.

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