Dialer from Google can now record conversations from unknown numbers

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This feature was first discovered while disassembling the app back in January, and it looks like it will be rolled out to some users of the Google Phone app… Tipster @theyashreddi on Twitter shared screenshots of the feature in the Google Phone app on his Xiaomi Mi A3.

Of course, the new “always write” function is only available if the call recording function is available in your area… As we wrote in January, when the call recording function was still being prepared, it was accompanied by a detailed warning text with a disclaimer. It reads:

You or your interlocutor may be somewhere where consent is required to record all participants in the conversation. All of them will be notified in advance that the call is being recorded. You must obey the laws on recording calls Recordings are only stored on your phone

As the screenshots show, in the “Call Recorder” settings of the Google Phone app there is a new switch… Once enabled, you can automatically record calls from numbers that are not in your contacts. You can also choose and enter specific periods for how long the Always Record feature will run, and define the retention period by adding dates when you want these records to be deleted.

Last year Google made a call recording feature in the Google Phone app. available on multiple Xiaomi phones around the worldand this feature has also become available to some Nokia phone users in India. While you can install the Google Phone app on almost all Android devices, the call recording feature will only be available on some phone models and only in certain regions.


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