Dicey Elementalist – card game with hints of the Meteorfall series, early release on iOS

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Publisher Doublethink Games produces indie games, but they are of high quality. For example, this is Animal Farm, an adaptation of Orwell’s work. These guys also released One Finger Death Punch 2 and Potion Punch 2. Now there is a card project on iOS, Dicey Elementalist. Here we will play poker and also roll dice with different elements. This is done to activate abilities and destroy the enemy. We’ll have to collect the deck. The general artwork and some of the mechanics are reminiscent of the Meteorfall series. The developers themselves point to “dice poker” as an inspiration.

In addition to the deck of cards, we choose characters with different fighting styles. We also need to collect artifacts that can protect against enemy attacks or increase our damage. Mini-games are represented by roulette and other card activities. Cherry on the cake – several game modes. Guys with Reddit say that the gameplay is addictive.

Dicey Elementalist is already available on iOS. This is a shareware project with microtransactions. There is no Russian localization (according to the App Store), although it is in the screenshots. In the description to this video the developers said that they will release the game no earlier than May 20 on iOS. Twitter says what to expect Android version… Maybe she’ll just leave with a delay.

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