Differences, transfer of progress and release dates – All known information about SMITE 2

Differences, transfer of progress and release dates - All known information about SMITE 2

Immediately after the announcement of the third-person MOBA SMITE 2, the developers published a list of questions and answers revealing various details about the game. Although the article does not reveal all the details of the transition to the second part, it answers many questions that fans of the first part had. We have collected all the information in this article.

general information

  • SMITE 2 is the next generation of 3rd person MOBA with cross-play support across multiple platforms. This is the continuation of SMITE, completely updated and remade from the ground up using the new Unreal Engine 5.
  • SMITE 2 was conceived and developed by the same team from Titan Forge Games that has been making the first part for the last 10 years. The team includes developers who have been involved with SMITE since the beginning, former SMITE pros and community members, and experienced developers who love SMITE – on average, each member of the SMITE 2 team has been working with Titan Forge Games or a sister studio for over 6 years.
  • The continuation is being developed for the reason that its technical base is already 10 years old and is somewhat outdated. According to the authors, this prevents SMITE from being what it could be, from the graphics and interface to the sound and character creation process. The first game is made on Unreal Engine 3, which is not directly compatible with Unreal Engine 5, so it is technically impossible to update it without a complete rework.
  • SMITE 2 feels like the first part, but much better. The main goal of the developers was to preserve the combination of battle system and MOBA characteristic of SMITE. In addition, every opportunity was taken to make battles more entertaining, add creativity to the gameplay and deepen the strategy.
  • SMITE 2 will support cross-play on PC, SteamDeck, Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5. The partners’ final decision on cross-progression is still awaited.

Release and alpha test

  • SMITE 2 is currently in its pre-alpha stage. The authors hope to begin monthly community alpha testing weekends for early versions in the spring of 2024. This will be a very early version, with a limited list of playable characters and only basic gameplay features.
  • Early alpha testing is launched in order to make the game together with the community. The team believes this strategy paid off with SMITE early on, both on PC and consoles.
  • You can apply for the SMITE 2 Alpha at official websiteby clicking on the “Request for Alpha Test” button and entering your email address. When access is granted, you will receive a message with an access code to your email.
  • Players will be able to unlock all current and future SMITE 2 gods by purchasing the Founder’s Pack. More details will be revealed later.
  • SMITE 2 will be free to play upon its official release. During alpha and beta testing, the game will require you to redeem a free code and gain access through the Steam Playtest or purchase a Founder’s Pack. This access restriction is necessary in order to complete and improve SMITE 2 during the testing stages with a small number of community members.

Transfer progress

  • Much of the content from SMITE 1 won’t carry over directly to SMITE 2, but players of the first game will be rewarded for their time, money, and achievements in the game through two new systems: Heirloom Gems and Divine Legacy. Additionally, new skins added in SMITE 1 Year 11, as well as some other cross-gen skins, will be carried over from one game to another.
  • For every gem you spend in SMITE 1 – free or purchased – you will receive Heirloom Gems in SMITE 2. Heirloom Gems can pay for up to 50% of the cost of most purchases in SMITE 2 – so skins, battle passes and events in SMITE 2 will cost you for half the price until you use up all your Heirloom Gems.
  • When you purchase the SMITE Founder’s Pack, your amount of Legacy Gems will be doubled. The in-game currency in SMITE 2 will be slightly different from SMITE, but you will definitely get a legacy with equivalent purchasing power.
  • Divine Legacy is a new event in SMITE 1 that aims to reward players for their success and achievements in each year of SMITE. The developers tracked which characters you became a master with, which ranked matches you lost, which skins you purchased, and how many hours you spent in the game.
  • You will receive points for your progress in each year of the game, which will bring you rewards: A skin of your choice at level 5 or 4 in SMITE 1; up to 11 skins in SMITE 2 for free – 1 for each year in SMITE; Emblems in SMITE 2, showing achievements in SMITE 1, rare skins, skill level and number of stars for each hero.
  • All new gem skins released in SMITE Year 11 will be available in SMITE 2.
  • Support for the first part of SMITE will continue. The game will continue to be updated regularly and servers will be available for the foreseeable future.
  • The main reason why all the materials from the first part will not be carried over is that the games differ by more than one generation due to the transition from Unreal Engine 3 straight to Unreal Engine 5. The developers had to completely rework or recreate every element of the game materials , so that they work in SMITE 2. There are currently over 1600 skins in the first part, not counting Mastery skins. Just porting each skin into the sequel would require approximately 246 man-hours of work. According to the authors, they won’t be able to simultaneously do this and make SMITE 2 the great game it should be.
  • Players will need link accounts SMITE 1 and SMITE 2 to obtain cross-generation content and Legacy Gems in SMITE 2.
  • You cannot link new SMITE 1 accounts after linking them to SMITE 2.

Now you can familiarize yourself with the game pages at Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Store And PlayStation Store.

Differences transfer of progress and release dates All known Differences, transfer of progress and release dates - All known information about SMITE 2

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