Digimon: New Generation is like Pokémon, only Digimons

Digimon: New Generation released in China. It is necessary to collect and train Digimons, that is, alternative Pokémon.

Digimon: New Generation is an RPG set in the Digimon universe. Now the project is available in China, on TapTap it takes the first line in two categories – Popular Games and 3D, surpassing even Genshin Impact. The developers promise an original plot and a lot of video inserts.

The contractions take place in a step-by-step mode, we only need to create energy between the five Digimons. By the way, they have several development paths, and boss battles are accompanied by dramatic transformations and destruction. Unfortunately, there is no open world, and some dialogues are not voiced. Of the modes there is not only a plot, but also the passage of levels in a certain cyber space. Each time the enemies become more difficult, but the reward is higher. Between the levels, you can stumble upon structures with materials and random improvements.

As for the donat, it is presented in the form of “twists”. The developers say that the chance of getting a cool Digimon is “not small”, there is also a guaranteed drop system if the player spends a certain number of spins. To receive free coupons, you must participate in daily quests and limited events.

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