Disciples 2 download torrent For PC

Disciples 2 download torrent For PC GTA III - Weapons

Disciples 2 download torrent

Edition type: Repack. Size: 1.26 GB | Seeds: 400 Lychee: 39

absolutely everyone, without exception, needs to download a torrent to understand, see and remember forever what a real high-quality legendary game looks like. This is a masterpiece of world classics, which was played by absolutely all self-respecting gamers and professionals of computer games. Turn-based strategy with RPG elements was released back in 2002. This is a direct sequel to the first part of the game, which immediately after the release of the world surprised many gamers with its simplicity and at the same time a chic storyline with amazingly tuned battles. The second part of this famous series became much more famous and became on a par with such masterpieces as “Heroes of Might and Magic” and “Age of Empires”.

Story line

The plot of the game is thought out very well and of high quality. Here is a choice of 4 races with a completely different scenario. Each campaign has 7 full, long and exciting missions. When compared with the previous episode of Disciples, one remarkable feature can be distinguished – all campaigns are interconnected (albeit indirectly). So it became doubly interesting and entertaining to play. You will meet both old acquaintances, such as Demosthenes and Uther, as well as new, completely unique units that will play a crucial role in shaping each of the four campaigns. All the events of this version of the game take place 10 years after the Holy War, which you could catch in the first part. As you remember, the demons took over this world, and humanity, in fact, lost the war. Now at the head of this bright world is a certain Demosthenes, but after the death of his wife and only child, he completely became limp and ceased to rule the country. Mankind is waiting for the real Retribution of God, the End of the World, which will come from day to day. You need to restore faith in good deeds and intentions by eradicating all the enemies that attacked you and tried to take over your world. Stand at the helm of the human race, take everyone who wants to fight under your wing and go ahead – bomb enemies and bosses. Destroy all extraterrestrial creatures that came into your world and wanted to break off a tasty piece of the pie. Download the disciples 2 torrent and help the forces of good defeat the forces of evil by eradicating the entire race of evil spirits once and for all.

Game process

As in the first game, the entire gameplay will take place in the world of Nevendaar. You have to fight for all 4 available races, the final of each of which is victory over all enemies (the other three races) and world domination. Also, Disciples 2 offers you to choose the level of difficulty, which is especially important, because at the highest level a beginner will definitely not be able to cope. Just choose the difficulty before the very beginning of the game, because then it will be impossible to change it. Choose your lord, who will control the rest of the scenario line of the campaign. You can improve the main character, improve it, constantly improve the skill and abilities. Also, you can send him on various tasks, by type: explore the city, find out the circumstances and affairs of enemy settlements, capture any territory, and so on. This is beneficial if you suddenly have business in the capital. Just like in the first part, you need to constantly improve the capital in order to get new units, weapons and magic spells.

Disciples 2 Features

  • beautiful graphics;
  • good plot;
  • interesting scenario plan;
  • 4 races and campaigns with 7 main quests each;
  • a large number of characters to choose from;
  • many spells and opportunities for battles;
  • well-made fights.

Download disciples 2 torrent and play a masterpiece game that takes first place in the ranking of the best strategies of the 21st century.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Pentium 3 – 500 MHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Free hard disk space: 2720 MB
  • Video card: (32 MB)


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