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Disciples 3 Gold Edition download torrent For PC

Disciples 3 Gold Edition download torrent

Edition type: Repack. Size: 5.01 GB | Seeds: 448 Lychees: 35

Download torrent Disciples 3 Gold Edition complete collection and complete the game immediately with all available add-ons – a great idea. You no longer have to install the game and update it to the required version. This gold pack contains all the add-ons that exist today. You just need to download Disciples 3 Golden Series and start playing. This pack was released back in 2012 and includes the standard Disciples 3 campaign, as well as Resurrection and Renaissance Special Edition. So do not hesitate, but start to pass.

Game process

Your attention is presented to the game Disciples 3 Gold Edition – a classic strategy with RPG elements, which is known to almost every gamer in this world. This is a real masterpiece of the gaming industry, on a par with such mastodons as Sacred, Diablo or Heroes of Might and Magic. Plunge into the atmosphere of darkness and hopelessness. Taste the amazing battles and combat actions that have been brought to the ideal in this modification. The same goes for graphics options. The graphics here are on top and fit even for 2020, so don’t worry that the game came out 8 years ago. In this pack you can find two story campaigns: Resurrection and Renaissance of the special version. Both provide new races, an arsenal of weapons, characters, heroes, castles and infrastructure. Also, a large number of new locations have been added to the game, both ground and underground. Try to go through both campaigns, even for a completely unique race – a horde of the undead. She appeared just in this add-on, so now it has become doubly interesting to play. Try to invite your friends and start going through exciting missions with them, because it will obviously be more fun with them. By the way, in the aforementioned updates, fighting was separated from magic. Now spells can also be used outside of battles, which is very convenient and most of all resembles the analogue Disciples – Heroes of Might and Magic. Install the game and start going through the full collection, which will stretch for as many as 200+ hours of game time.

Disciples 3 Gold Edition features

  • unique plot;
  • a lot of modifications and innovations;
  • excellent graphics;
  • many new characters, locations;
  • high-quality combat system.

Download torrent Disciples 3 Gold Edition complete collection and get an exciting game that brings all the add-ons together.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or better
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video Card: NVidia 6800 GT or higher with 128MB RAM
  • Free hard disk space: 10 GB


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