Dislyte CBT has been launched from the creators of Warpath and AFK Arena, where to download and on which platforms?

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Do you know LilithGames? These are the guys who released Rise of Kingdoms, AFK Arena and, of course, Warpath. Advertising of the latter simply flooded YouTube, and commentators describe this military strategy as a “Zhdun simulator.” So, now this publisher is working on a cyberpunk RPG called Dislyte. Recently, CBT began for her. There is vertical gameplay, cartoon graphics and a collection of rare characters (gacha). Battles are turn-based and automatic. After the victory, we pump the level of the profile, characters, and also get different materials.

By the way, the local graphics are very similar to the AFK Arena style. At the very beginning, we are led by the hand during the training. There are loot boxes with new characters; in order to open them, you must first turn the disc like a DJ.

A test version of Dislyte is already available on Android. You can download it through TapTap, although there is also a page on Google Play (you cannot download it in Russia). This is a shareware project with all that it implies. There is no iOS version yet.

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