Do Video Games Reduce College Stress?

pexels pixabay 275033 Do Video Games Reduce College Stress?

A lot of people have misconceptions about playing video games, some find it less informative while others find it addictive and a source of distraction. But I can boldly tell you that those notions are false because playing video games has a lot of benefits for students which include stress relief, physical activeness, improved vision, improved mental health, and development of problem-solving skills.

So if you are curious if playing video games can reduce college stress? The answer is YES! Do you want to know how it does that? Carefully follow me as I walk you through it.

How do video games reduce college stress?

Another way to relieve students of their academic stress apart from watching movies is to play video games. So, including a couple of hours playing video games in your busy schedule can help positively impact your overall health.  Most people are still of the opinion that video games are not beneficial to students. This is way far from the truth because playing video games has been proven to enhance students’ learning process effectively and relieve their stress. This article explains how video games do it.

  1. It increases your motivation & improves your mood
  2. It boosts your self-esteem
  3. It gives you an escape from difficult life issues
  4. It increases your creativity
  5. It improves your ability to focus and concentrate

It increases your motivation & improves your mood

Taking some time off your academic tasks to play video games can be all you require to be back at your best. Your college stress of not knowing how to go about your academics can be relieved by moderately playing video games, the time off academics rejuvenates & motivates you to do better in your academics.

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Playing video games lets students relax their brains and bodies which helps to improve their mood. Playing video games has also been proven to result in the secretion of dopamine which improves people’s mood, especially students, this can be very beneficial when trying to solve a particular academic problem.

It boosts your self-esteem

As we all know, playing video games involves you losing or winning. If students win more while playing video games, they tend to get more confident in their abilities which can go a long way to help them fight their academic stress.

Students with increased self-esteem find it way easier to effectively cope with the enormous workload and extreme college stress levels. These students feel competent enough to tackle any challenge life or college throws at them which is a very positive attitude to life.

It gives you an escape from difficult life issues

Students need to be able to understand when to take a break from college work or life issues to avoid burning themselves out. Students should never ignore the stress signals that their bodies are giving them, it means it is time to relax and get re-energized.

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Sometimes, all we need to relieve stress is to escape from our ordeals and difficult life situations, an excellent way to do this is to passionately play video games. Playing video games gets students re-energized, entertained, and relaxed.

It increases your creativity

There are a lot of video games in the gaming industry that allow their players to creatively and logically solve critical problems which can improve students’ approach to learning after the game break.

Students get to increase their creativity by putting it to test in video games and it can help improve their academic performances.

It improves your ability to focus and concentrate

The aim of playing games is to win and to do that, you require a high level of focus and concentration. A high level of concentration helps you get your schoolwork done quickly and indirectly reduces your academic stress.

Video games teach students how to achieve their goals with optimum commitment, persistence, and determination. 

pexels alexander kovalev 3977908 Do Video Games Reduce College Stress?

You should avoid playing video games too much as it can be detrimental to your academics and grades. The only way you can benefit greatly from video games is when you play them in moderation and set aside quality time to complete your assignments and other academic tasks.

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Final Thoughts

Most individuals nowadays have made video games our solace when trying to relieve stress after a very tedious day but as a college student, you should limit your video gaming activities to 2-3 hours daily to avoid addiction and stressing yourself out.

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