Dolphin Wave launched with skimpy waifu outfits

Dolphin Wave is a Japanese game that was released on iOS and Android at home. In essence, you have to assemble a team of rare anime waifu who ride around the water arena and shoot at each other with huge guns; Apparently, they are participating in some kind of tournament.

Of course, new characters in Dolphin Wave can and should be knocked out through the gacha system. The point is that the rarer the waifu, the more frank her outfit, but it doesn’t go beyond a suit in a swimsuit.

The story in Dolphin Wave is developed through text and voice-over dialogue that you won’t understand if you don’t know Japanese. It’s nice that the developers give out a lot of rewards for daily entry into the game, and also show a small comic during loading.

According to the description of Dolphin Wave on Google Play, players can change clothes with waifu, as well as participate in PvP battles. As for PvE content, the main and additional tasks in the story are available first, and as you level up, the tournament and boss fights open.

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