Donate to Tank Company: how to save when buying gold, what to expect from prices in the future?

In this article we will talk about pricing policy NetEase in the game Tank Company; ways and optionsdonate“for players from the CIS countries, including Russia, and players from other countries; how to save a few rubles when buying and when to expect a “possible price drop” for various in-game sets of donated currency. First things first.

Let’s start with the fact that the game was not released in all regions and so far only on the Android platform, the client itself can be downloaded from three sources at once:

  1. Official game site;
  2. Google Play Store;
  3. Huawei App Store – AppGallery.

In all three versions of the game client, in-game payment is made through an intermediary – Google (options 1, 2), Xsolla (3rd option). There are difficulties with paying for purchases, and this is true for players from Russia. But there is also a universal way to donate – official NetEase websitethrough which absolutely anyone can donate a fixed value of the currency to their account (depending on the in-game kits).

The site is up to date not only for Tank Company, but also for other global projects of NetEase.

We figured out the versions of the game, with all possible ways to donate, too, let’s consider the process of saving when buying a currency from the official NetEase website.

If you are from Russia and just go to the site to make a purchase, then it is logical to assume that your currency will eventually be converted from dollars to rubles.

But, if you go to the site in incognito mode (for example, through Chrome), turn on the VPN in advance, for example, to Turkey, log in again under your account and also want to make a purchase, then the final price will be indicated in lira (lira, they are also TRY – the currency of Turkey).

We convert lira into rubles and get a small benefit of 190 rubles, this is almost 3% of the benefit from the maximum set of gold, a similar percentage will be for all other sets.

Not much benefit, I agree. Can you save even more? It is possible, but not at the moment.

We learned how to save, but, I note, perhaps this is not the maximum percentage of savings from one purchase at this time through the site. You will probably be able to find another country (via a VPN) where buying through it will exceed the percentage savings compared to Turkey – 3% or more.

As for even more savings when buying bundles, it’s a matter of time – it does not depend on us – ordinary players. The savings loophole/workaround will come when the developers release the game in at least more regions, thus indicating the range of purchases through Google Play for different countries and regions in local currency. At the time of this writing (October 1, 2022), the prices in the game are indicated only in dollars, no matter which Google account you download it from (account registered from some other country other than the United States).

It can be assumed that now the divisions of marketers and economists who are considering a strategy for profitable monetization of the project are in their infancy, forming the same ranges of currencies for players from different countries, based on the criterion of solvency of residents. For each country, the range (from the very minimum purchase – 60 gold in the case of the Tank Company and up to a set that includes 6480 gold) will be different – hence the difference in prices.

So, for example, the price of Telegram Premium for 1 month in Russia costs 309 rubles on Google Play, and after official bot – 299 rubles.

In Turkey, this value is 13.49 lira (about 45 Russian rubles) – the difference is enormous, 6 times cheaper than a premium subscription for telegrams through a Turkish Google account.

The example with Turkey shows a significant difference in the pricing policy on the Google Play site.

What about users from Russia in this case, while users from other countries can easily pull off such a fraud “almost freely”?

Without a double intermediary cooperating both with Russian banks and banks / users of other countries – no way. It will also be impossible to avoid an overpayment of a few percent (%) of the originally planned card replenishment amount. Nevertheless, this method works, the main thing is to find a bank in any country (not Russia), in the application / on the website of which it will be possible to register with Russian data – phone number, passport, etc.

Until recently, a scheme was available that featured mobile oldubil app (participated in several Turkish banks), in which it was possible to register using a Russian phone number without any additional identifications (but with restrictions on use).


At the moment, it is no longer possible to register in this application with a Russian number, who managed – well done.

Then the question arises: how to replenish the newly created Oldubil card (or any other that you could get in a foreign bank)? In this case, you can be helped by other users on the sites for the purchase / sale of a variety of currencies and cryptocurrencies, for example, Binance.

Android iOS

Register, go through verification (passport, face on camera). Next, link your email and phone number to the verified newly created account (without this, further steps will be impossible). You are now a full-fledged Binance user and can buy/sell currencies.

The essence of the scheme for replenishing a foreign card through Binance is as follows:

  1. We buy USDT by P2P in rubles (you can use QIWI / YuMoney and some other banks, there are usually no offers through VTB).
  2. USDT on your Binance balance, now you need to sell them, indicating in the details all the necessary data of your foreign card (in the case of the Oldubil card, this is the card number itself and the IBAN of its bank). The details of your foreign card, to which, for example, lira will come, are needed by other users of the Binance site, according to these details, they will replenish your card.

The foreign card has been replenished, now you can use it as a means of payment for a variety of previously familiar foreign services, including purchases in games.

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