Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

picture 1 Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

In these difficult days of a pandemic, social distancing and self-isolation with watching TV shows, video games remain perhaps the last bastion of our minds against boredom. Doom Eternal, the long-awaited follow-up to the 2016 Doom reboot, came out right at the start of the pandemic – we even had time to attend a real offline presentation. To the delight of the fans, the game fully met their expectations with dynamic gameplay, excellent graphics and, of course, a lot of easter eggs.

But finding them, as in the previous part, is not so easy, so in the first playthrough you will probably miss them. But you just have to jump around the corner, climb onto the ledge and look a little further – and you can find something that others have not seen yet. Here are some secrets of Doom Eternal unknown to many gamers.

farming lives

In the wake of nostalgia for old-school gaming, Doom Eternal lets you collect extra lives in case of sudden death. This may be the key to survival, because compared to Doom 2016, the difficulty of Eternal has seriously increased.

Enemies hit harder, there are more platforming puzzles, and less ammo, so the key to winning the game is the right strategy. And one of these strategies, which many modern gamers may not even be aware of, is farming.

Once you get a life, you can leave the level and start over again – this will help a lot in the tough fights in the later stages of the game. And that’s not all – the same can be done with weapon upgrade modules to get the most powerful guns. When you find them, you can simply reload the checkpoint and your inventory will remain unchanged. It’s great, right?

familiar death

Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Not the most interesting Easter egg, but a fun reference to the classic movie. We all (well, almost all) remember the ending of Terminator 2, when, after the destruction of the T-1000, the Terminator decides to destroy itself in order to prevent the restoration of technology. As he descends into the hot metal, he gives the distressed John and Sarah a thumbs up, a kind of symbol of humanity.

On any level of Doom Eternal that has lava, this death can be recreated. Just jump into it and die. Before the screen fades to black, the Doom Slayer will give the player the same gesture.


Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

You can find a lot of interesting things at the base of the Executioner, but the one that catches the eye most strongly is that the demon slayer loves to read. If you take a closer look at his bookshelf, you can find such works as Demon Farm, Guts of Wrath and, of course,. “Fifty Shades of Slay”, parodying the famous classics.

There are also parody references to other games in the Slayer’s library, such as Fallout’s Guide to Survival for the Vault Dweller and Why I’m So Cool, Part 2 by the one and only and incomparable Dork Norkem (Duke Nukem).

But one of the more touching Easter eggs is a reference to YouTube star Mark Fiskbach, aka Markiplier. There is a book in the game called “How to Comb a Mustache” written by Clifton M. Fiskbach. That was the name of Mark’s father, who died in 2008. In his videos, Mark has repeatedly spoken about his love for the Doom series, so it seems very sweet towards a die-hard fan.

Remember these sounds?

Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Like 2016’s Doom, Eternal can include classic weapons from the original Doom series, but it doesn’t stop there. If you purchased the Deluxe Edition, you can also add the classic sounds. To do this, go to the sound settings section and set the appropriate parameter.

It is not known if these sound effects will eventually become available to all players, but for now, they are only available to owners of the deluxe edition.

Secret cutscene

Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

If you can defeat the hordes of infernal creatures again, you can also find a secret cutscene after the end credits. It can hardly be called important, it does not add depth to the story or characters at all and was made just for fun.

In this video, the demon plays with Doom Slayer collectible toys, one in the form of a demon, and the other in the form of Doomguy from old games. He pushes them together like a child, using his own voice until he hears the familiar click of a shotgun cock. This is where the scene ends. No depth, but quite in the spirit of the frenzy that characterizes the new style of the series.

Cheat codes

Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

In addition to extra lives, Doom Eternal decided to delve into old-school gaming with the presence of cheat codes. However, here you can’t just enter the IDDQD cheat code and turn on god mode like before. As with any other secrets, first you will need to carefully search through all the levels and find all their secrets in the hope of finding one of the legendary cheat codes.

Among them are both banal endless ammo and immortality, as well as a number of more interesting ones that can diversify your gaming experience. For example, there is a code for an off-screen standing ovation when killing each enemy, exploding enemies in the form of confetti, and even increasing the difficulty by disabling bonuses to health and ammo dropped from enemies. Collect all cheat codes and become an unstoppable death machine.

Hidden message

Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

One of the most interesting and mysterious finds in Doom Eternal awaits you in the map tab of the pause menu. It is not clear what exactly this audio file is, but some argue that this is some kind of hidden message from the developers.

No one knows if this is really a ciphered message or just the gibberish of demons. But if you listen to it, then you will agree that it is not like the usual demonic screams that you constantly hear in the game. Perhaps, in order to reveal the meaning, it is required to somehow process it or reproduce it backwards.

Eternal classic

Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

The levels of the classic Doom series, although they were a nice reference to the original, did not play so well on the new engine. Id Software figured this out, so now you can simply open two classic Doom games in their entirety on your computer in the Doom Slayer hub.

The first part opens after completing the main campaign, and Doom II can be opened with the code FLYNNTAGGART. Who is Flynn Taggart? This is the real name of the Executioner of Doom – that’s what he is called in books on the universe.

Justice for Daisy

Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

In 2018, an unusual tweet appeared on the official Doom Twitter with a picture of a rabbit holding a sign that read “justice for Daisy”. In case anyone doesn’t know, Daisy is the Doom Slayer’s pet rabbit, who can be seen decapitated at the peak at the end of the level “Your Flesh Is Exhausted” … or not?

In fact, as you progress through, you can see how Daisy just wanders through the levels, but for this you need a truly eagle eye. And in the Executioner’s room at his base there is an empty cage for a rabbit with food and a portrait in which the Executioner lovingly holds Daisy in his hands. The rabbit can be seen from the very beginning, if you just look closely at the game logo.

funny references

Doom Eternal: Secrets and Easter Eggs

If you tried to look for Easter eggs and secrets along the way, then you probably noticed an overly toothy grinning fish – on a fishing rod, stuck in ice or somewhere else. For those born after the 1990s, to clarify, this is the dopefish, dubbed the second dumbest animal in the world and first introduced in Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy..

For those who don’t already know, Commander Keen is a series of side-scrolling platform games starring Billy Blaze, the Earth’s defender against alien threats. In social networks, it is believed that he is not only the grandson of BJ Blaskowitz, the protagonist of the Wolfenstein series, but also the father of the Doom Slayer.

There are other Commander Keen easter eggs in the game, including a shop in the sixth mission that has snacks called Dopenuts and Keen Candies. And on the Executioner’s bookcase is another rather gloomy Keen-themed Easter egg – the character’s skull, helmet, and ray gun. Horror!

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